Career Counselling is a process that focuses on helping one understand one’s own self, as well as work trends, so that one can take an informed decision about career and education.

Career development is a process that starts the moment you are born and lasts an entire lifetime. Carving out a path for a successful career is influenced by a number of factors, like your aptitude, interests, personality, aspirations and goals, circumstances and background.

Professional counsellors direct the students to take up what is best suited to them, where to get admission (the colleges where the subject is available), when to apply and the job prospects. Even counsel the parents what to expect and what not to from their children.

A good Career Counsellor is a problem solver, a keen listener and observer, and has sufficient knowledge of various fields to guide you in your career decisions.

“I believe that career counseling helps students gain clarity about their interest , strengths and aspirations ,it guides them understanding various career options and narrowing down their choices based on their profile.It provides students with valuable information about different career paths including job market trends,educational requirements and potential earning prospects. This empowers them to make informed decisions about their future.”

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